Dec 7, 2021

WayRay’s remotely piloted, ride-hailing concept brings AR immersion to passengers

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Swiss technology company WayRay has unveiled what it says is the world’s first car to incorporate holographic, augmented reality glazing – the Holograktor. The innovation is designed around the company’s True AR technology and intended to operate with WayRay’s new ride-hailing business model. The system’s USP is its ability to render augmented reality scenes around the vehicle in real time, displayed via holographic projections.

Backed by early investments from companies like Porsche, Hyundai and Alibaba, WayRay says it is using the car to emerge from its ‘deep tech’ automotive supplier status to become a player in the world of new mobility models.

The three-seat vehicle has been conceived specifically for ride hailing and can be driven conventionally or by remote control, in the latter case via a 5G and satellite connection to a qualified driver. Its unusual single rear seat ‘throne’ layout was inspired by data showing that more than 80% of Uber trips were for one person only. “The idea is that you can choose Uber Black, Uber SUV or Uber Holograktor. And if you choose the Holograktor, your ride will be subsidized by sponsored content so that the price will be much lower,” said WayRay founder and CEO, Vitaly Ponomarev.

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