Dec 15, 2021

Wall-climbing HB1 robot can reduce workplace accidents

Posted by in categories: materials, robotics/AI

The HB1 has a 30m range from the ground but is potentially unlimited if the tether can be supplied from the roof. The robot can be equipped with different attachments such as a brush, robot arm, airless spray, concrete surveying equipment.

To ensure that the robot itself doesn’t fall, it had to undergo extensive electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing to make sure that fans, which essentially attach it to the surface, are functioning correctly.

The WMG SME team tested the robot by placing it in the EMC chamber and assessing how it responds to noise. It made sure it didn’t emit any unwanted noise into the atmosphere itself. Using amplifiers to simulate noise and analyzers, the researchers were able to detect any unwanted interference and emissions with the robot and record results.

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