Dec 26, 2021

Universal basic income is here—it just looks different from what you expected

Posted by in categories: economics, government

Any discussion on UBI eventually boils down to a question of belief in the nature of humans and the role of government. Most analysis further add wood to the fire by fueling these discussions instead of proposing valid alternatives which addresses these differences. It usually boils down to the classic question of handouts, who should pay for it, and why should we pay for it. Yet the answer lies right before our very eyes. The most valuable commodity today is data not oil or gold. Data wealth is a direct outcome of data diversity, data representation and data scale (i wrote a post on that recently which expands on that, if you’re interested). So, Instead of giving away our data for free to trickle-down techno believers (who may or may not give some of it back), pay me for it. I’ll fund my own income, thank you very much. Every human is unique. Therefore we are all data billionaires. This comment is a charitable contribution to the new data economy by the Marc O Principle; Things are not always as complex as they seem.

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