Dec 25, 2021

Ukraine’s Upcoming ‘Peacekeeper’ Passes Factory Test. The All-Terrain Drone of the Future?

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More about “autonomous” (robot) vehicles.

The vehicle’s abilities were demonstrated on snowy terrain, at low temperatures, and in difficult road and weather conditions. The multi-purpose robotic platform is ideal for military units as it is designed to perform logistics, evacuation, reconnaissance and other special tasks.

It is engineered with low-pressure tires and built on a stable and durable transmission base. This base has amphibious properties, a long-range, and a low noise level while driving making it inconspicuous during military missions.

The vehicle can maneuver through lakes, rivers, swamps, snowy areas, deserts, and trenches up to ~3.3 ft (1 m) making it ideal for combat zones. The goal of the vehicle is to allow the military to increase both mobility and security for future missions.

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