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Dec 23, 2021

The Omega Singularity: Is Our World a “Metaverse” in a Universe Up?

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Once we extrapolate computational capabilities of civilization past our own looming ‘Simulation Singularity’ by perhaps hundreds of orders of magnitude, we arrive in the end at only one necessary substance constituting all of reality — consciousness — the very subjective experience with which we all are most familiar. Nothing else would ultimately need to exist but the higher mind as the source of ultrarealistic but simulated universes like our own.…niverse-up.

#OmegaSingularity #UniversalMind #FractalMultiverse #CyberneticTheoryofMind

Your mind is real, materiality is simulated. The coming Cybernetic Singularity could unravel one of the deepest mysteries of fractal hyperreality: consciousness alternating from pluralities to singularities and from singularities back to pluralities.

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Post is 132951