Dec 31, 2021

Japan’s EV war against China: Toyota to flood Chinese markets with affordable cars from next year

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With affordability in its latest offering, Toyota wants to eliminate the only advantage that Chinese automobile makers enjoy: competitive prices.

Japan is a world leader in automobile technology. Apart from Germany, no one can compete in the automobile sector. And if you need any evidence to corroborate this fact, you need to look no further than Toyota, a globally loved automobile brand that has produced some of the best cars to date. And now Toyota is looking to aggressively dominate the Chinese electric vehicles (EV) market with some affordable cars from next year.

Toyota to launch an all-electric small sedan in China:

Toyota Motor Corp. has made plans to launch an impressive, all-electric small sedan in China late next year. It will turn to local partner BYD for key technology and create an affordable yet spacious EV for the Chinese market.

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