Dec 4, 2021

In Photos And Video: Antarctica’s Exclusive Eclipse Of The Sun Attracts Intrepid Travelers —And Humpback Whales

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A total solar eclipse occurred early this morning across one of our planet’s most remote and beautiful regions. It was, as always, utterly surreal.

For some, the 1 minute 30 seconds (or so) event at around 07:00 UTC was marred by low and high cloud in the Scotia Sea. There were 14 cruise ships in the 290 miles-wide path of totality, but so far there have been no reports of clear views.

While a view of the Sun’s corona–revealed only for the precious few moments of totality–is the big prize for eclipse-chasers, the immense scale of the event is always incredible to be a part of.

“We wound up much further to the north of where everyone else appeared to go around the South Orkney Islands,” said says Tyler Nordgren, a space artist and former astronomy educator who will be lecturing for Betchart Expeditions on the M/V Hondius. “But in the end, even though we had hints of sunlight at one point, all we experienced was the sudden rush of darkness as the moon’s shadow passed overhead.”

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