Dec 28, 2021

Electric Bike Company’s ‘made in America’ e-bikes are key to its success. Here’s why

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Earlier this month I had the opportunity to visit the sprawling new production facilities for California-based Electric Bike Company (that’s an advantage to being an early mover in any industry, you get to pick the good names). The company has been building electric cruiser bicycles in Newport Beach since the mid-2010s. And as founder Sean Lupton-Smith proudly explained to me as I toured the factory grounds, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

This isn’t my first time visiting Electric Bike Company. Nearly two years ago I toured the previous EBC factory to learn about how e-bikes were being built in the US.

Back then, the company was able to fit inside just one facility, though it was obvious it was bursting at the seams and using every cubic foot of space available (frames and wheels were literally hanging from the rafters several layers deep).

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