Dec 2, 2021

Cyber Spirituality: Why Silicon Valley’s technologists are euphoric about the prospects of self-divinization

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If history is a guide, people always need to believe in something bigger than themselves, in higher powers, so I wouldn’t be surprised if in the interim, we might get all sorts of movements, including the religious ones. But as opposed to rigid religious doctrines, spirituality most of the time requires finding your own personal path to God and enlightenment through introspection and spiritual growth. And that, I believe, would be the key going forward. Religiosity is unavoidably cultural, spirituality is, in contrast, a higher-order transcendental metaphysics, cognized subjectively.

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Futurist and evolutionary cyberneticist Alex Vikoulov was recently interviewed by Magda Gacyk, San Francisco-based correspondent for Wyborcza, the most prestigious daily newspaper in Poland, and her article “Prophecies of the Tech Spirituality: A New Gospel of Silicon Valley” appeared in the last Saturday issue of November.

Here’s their conversation (shortened for readability):

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