Dec 10, 2021

Community of ethical hackers needed to prevent AI’s looming ‘crisis of trust’, experts argue

Posted by in categories: cybercrime/malcode, existential risks, robotics/AI

The Artificial Intelligence industry should create a global community of hackers and “threat modelers” dedicated to stress-testing the harm potential of new AI products in order to earn the trust of governments and the public before it’s too late.

This is one of the recommendations made by an international team of risk and machine-learning experts, led by researchers at the University of Cambridge’s Center for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER), who have authored a new “call to action” published today in the journal Science.

They say that companies building intelligent technologies should harness techniques such as “red team” hacking, audit trails and “bias bounties”—paying out rewards for revealing ethical flaws—to prove their integrity before releasing AI for use on the wider public.

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