Dec 8, 2021

Carbon Zero 2030. They Claim The Energy Supply Cannot Be Done. They Are Wrong!

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It is true that renewables have an immense road ahead, but we already know the destination, Net Zero, in all areas of life, so why keep throwing good money after bad with fossil fuels.

I show exactly where we are with renewables and storage, and indeed it is woefully short, but I also show how we could take the initiative and the right decisions to clean our energy supply as early as 2030.

There is big money trying to wring out every last penny of profit from their declining empires, and using politicians on their pay to do their dirty work, but we can decide where we spend our money, and we can harass the companies to do more and faster, and we can make a better future for all of us.

#ClimateCrisis #cleanenergy

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