Dec 13, 2021

AMA Live Stream #1

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Yesterday’s longevity AMA: michael lustgarten, phd.

Questionsabout yesterday’s video, and more…AMA!

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0:51 Evaluating what’s optimal for biomarkers that are genetically low or high.
3:59 Details on replicating the approach.
6:59 EVOO
9:41 Carotid artery thickness scan.
10:55 Exercise routine.
18:26 Sirtuins, resveratrol and longevity.
19:31 Using blood testing to identify which supplements are detrimental, neutral, or beneficial at n=1
23:00 Devices that I use.
24:54 TG/HDL ratio.
26:47 Use of herbs, adaptogens.
30:00 Rapamycin.
33:23 Fish oil.
35:30 Other fish besides sardines?
37:12 Balance between taste and health.
38:00 Tracking starch intake?
40:50 Current macros.
42:32 Importance of thymus and immunosenescence.
45:04 Evaluating what’s optimal for dietary vitamin/mineral intake.
47:46 Taking time off from supplements before blood testing (or not)
49:52 Thoughts on genetic biomarkers.
51:32 Adding weights to the biomarkers/Are they all equal for their effects during aging.
57:20 Cinnamon vs biomarkers.
58:50 Managing the diet/approach in social settings.
1:00:30 Oils and cooking.
1:01:45 Biomarker weights.
1:03:05 Investigating factors surrounding thymus hypertrophy.
1:04:08 Liposomal delivery and aging.
1:06:52 Finding trusted sources for supplements.
1:08:00 Attia, Rhonda.
1:10:18 Not just focusing on cardio for health.
1:11:05 ION test.
1:15:00 What if I don’t beat the longevity record.
1:16:30 Where would I bet on anti-aging tech.
1:18:45 Liver detox.
1:19:36 How often I eat junk food.
1:21:10 Metformin.
1:22:50 Sauna.
1:24:41 Blood donation: impact on biological age?
1:25:25 Is there an upper limit for venous recovery after blood testing?
1:26:15 No cheat days for Christmas?
1:27:29 Next-generation biological age clocks?
1:31:09 Parabiosis.
1:33:19 CR and lymphocytes.
1:36:27 Protein intake.
1:40:08 Cortisol and hormones.
1:42:00 Blood pressure.
1:43:44 TruAge clock.
1:47:35 Noise in epigenetic testing.

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