Dec 3, 2021

A competitor of Elon Musk and NEURALINK? Let’s take a look at PARADROMICS

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Paradromics is a company developing brain computer interfaces that will help people with disabilities in communicating again. Their product will be the brain computer interface with the highest data rate ever developed. Will it compete with other companies like Neuralink or Kernel in the race to reading the brain?

0:00 Introduction to Paradromics.
1:45 The Product.
5:57 The Surgery.
7:41 Commercial availability.

Check out also this video on another Neuralink competitor, Kernel:

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Official Paradromics website:
Paper — Laser Ablation of the Pia Mater for Insertion of High-Density Microelectrode Arrays in a Translational Sheep Model
Paper — The Argo: A 65,536 channel recording system for high density neural recording in vivo
Paper — The Argo: a high channel count recording system for neural recording in vivo
Paper — Massively parallel microwire arrays integrated with CMOS chips for neural recording
Towards a High-Resolution, Implantable Neural Interface
Matt Angle with an update from Paradromics and their new Neurotech Pub Podcast
The Data Organ: Paradromics CEO Matt Angle On The Future Of The Brain-Computer Interface…80a603d4ed.

Used footage:
Stanford researchers develop brain-controlled typing for people with paralysis
Matt Angle — A MICROWIRE-based In Vivo Neural Recording Platform with Up to 65,536 Channels
Kernel Flow Live Stream
Neuralink Progress Update, Summer 2020
Working on the Neuralink Robot

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