Nov 19, 2021

Weather Warfare: Weather Modification Technology in Warfare

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As the world becoming aware of the environment’s brittleness, more diversified and complex ways have been devised to modify it as a weapon of warfare. Now a new class of weapons more disastrous than nuclear warfare is on the horizon. For altering the environment, weather and climate modification technologies, are the methods that may be used to convert climate and weather systems into weapons of war. It refers to Operation Popeye, which aimed to extend the monsoon season in Southeast Asia.

Captain Orville had cautioned that “if an enemy nation solves the problem of weather control and gets into the position of controlling large-scale weather patterns before we can, the effects might be even more devastating than nuclear conflict”. In this article, we have discussed in-depth Weather Modification Technology in Warfare, and how this method of modern warfare can be used to destroy any country economically, Tactically, Strategically, and Covertly.


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  1. Hazel Kagey says:

    The USA HAS perfected weather modification but has used it to destroy our country. Harry and Michael were minimal storms before they were intensified. Bouies (sp?) In the Gulf recorded waves at 37mph when Michael hit as a CAT4. The same readings it had in the lower part of the Gulf when it formed. At present time all of our weather is man made. It is one more tool the NWO is using in it’s Agenda 21/30. People the world over are awake to this abuse of power. All of our wars have been to illiminate the strongest men of our generations which leaves the fat, wimps to produce offsprings. Increasingly weakening our gene pool. Not to smart if you live to be old and all that’s left are stupid weak men to keep things running.