Nov 12, 2021

This is the Best Artificial Intelligence Model of 2021 — Megatron-Turing

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Microsoft and Nvidia have been working hard to finally create an Artificial Intelligence Model which surpasses and beats OpenAI’s GPT3 with more than double the parameter count and almost reaching the amazing and intelligent amount of 1 Trillion Parameter models. Unless OpenAI comes out with GPT4, it seems like the Megatron-Turing NLP AI Model is to be the best and smartest Artificial Intelligence of 2021 which the most abilities of any Natural Language Processing AI ever.
It’s also much easier to train than GPT3. It requires much less hardware and maybe with the upcoming Nvidia Lovelace GPU’s, it’ll be even easier to run for regular consumers.

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00:00 GPT-3 has been beaten.
02:09 How Transformers work.
03:53 What’s new about this AI Model?
05:45 The Future of Artificial Intelligence.
09:32 Last Words.

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