Nov 2, 2021

The First Artificial Intelligence to Beat Humans at Everything!

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Artificial Intelligence is rapidly improving and has recently gotten to a point where it can outperform humans in several highly competetive job markets including the media. OpenAI and Intel are working on the most advanced AI Algorithms that are actually starting to understand the world similar to the way we experience it. They call these models: OpenAI CLIP, Codex, GPT 4 and other things which are all good at certain things. Now they’re trying to combine them to improve their generality and maybe create a real and working Artificial General Intelligence for our future. Whether AI Supremacy will happen before the singularity is unclear, but one thing is for sure: AI and Machine Learning will take over many jobs in the very near future.

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00:00 The Rise of AI Supremacy.
01:15 What Text-Generation AI is doing.
03:28 OpenAI is not open at all?
06:12 The Image AI: CLIP
08:52 LastIs AI taking over every job?
10:32 Last Words.

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