Nov 11, 2021

SpaceX Unveils All-New Starlink Dish with More Mounting Options [PICS]

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It is interesting to see Starlink evolve and move towards massive expansion. Currently, Starlink has only launched 64 laser satellites but this number should grow dramatically in the coming months. (All future Starlink satellites will include lasers.)

Their new Starlink dish will be a lot cheaper to produce which is important as originally the first Starlink dish cost $3,000 to make and SpaceX was selling it for $500. It has already gone through multiple generations and this rectangular dish should cost around $650 to make. (With the original dish, if they had sold a million of them, they would have lost 2.5 billion dollars which would have been painful.)

SpaceX has unveiled a new Starlink satellite dish, sporting a new rectangular design for customers in the United States. The company’s website is showing the new design for visitors showing U.S. IP addresses.

Canadian visitors, for example, are still seeing the old design, as the new dish is not available outside the U.S. yet.

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