Nov 8, 2021

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch FINALLY SCHEDULED!

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The SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch which was scheduled for October 9 pushed to early next year. It’s finally happening, after 3 years of no activity, SpaceX schedules more than 4 launches to happen next year involving the SpaceX falcon heavy.
SpaceX’s next Falcon Heavy launching and dual-booster touchdown looks to be just around the corner for the first time in more than two years. After additional delays caused by its U.S. military cargo, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket’s next mission, which was previously intended for October, has been moved forward to early 2022. The Space Force’s USSF-44 mission was supposed to launch on Oct. 9 but it has been postponed.

In today’s video we look at how it all started, the developments made to date and we’re also going to take a peek into the future and see how glorious it is.

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