Nov 20, 2021

SpaceX Embarrassed NASA With Their High Tech SpaceSuit

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SpaceX Embarrassed NASA With Their High Tech SpaceSuit: Whether it’s science fiction or science fact with space as the backdrop, there is one thing that always catches the eye; the spacesuit. Indeed, we’re all familiar with the sense of excitement and inspiration when we see astronauts decked out in advanced spacesuits.

SpaceX being who they are has dropped a bomb in the form of a new spacesuit design, and it’s nothing like what NASA has ever done. What makes this advanced space suit so unique, that it’s obliterating what NASA has ever done? Join us as we explore every detail of the spacesuit.

The futuristic flight suits worn by Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken during last year’s Crew Dragon are a far cry from the bulky orange shuttle flight suits worn by astronauts when they last launched from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center as well as any other spacesuit worn by astronauts from other countries.

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