Nov 18, 2021

Smart Buildings Are Stupid Hard. Here’s How To Fix Them

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Every one of us has a magical tool in our pockets or purses. We should be able to enter an unknown building, navigate to our desired location, know where the elevators are, and gain access seamlessly.

But we can’t.

Our buildings cost millions or even billions of dollars. They have the latest technology. But they don’t know how many people are in them. They don’t know when to turn the lights off, or learn when to start warming or cooling office or meeting space. They don’t reposition elevators for maximum efficiency, and they can’t tell first responders where the fire is, where the medical emergency is, or what the quickest route up is. Nor can they tell occupants that the air is clean today, or that there’s an elevated level of volatile organic compounds because the floors were just waxed yesterday.

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