Nov 28, 2021

PepsiCo gets a permit to install Tesla Semi Megacharger

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According to the public papers given by Stanislaus County, PepsiCo. Gets approval to install a Tesla Semi Megacharger at its Modesto, California, factory.

According to the documents, the Stanislaus County Planning Commission issued a permit for the Megacharger installation on November 22nd. PepsiCo has been attempting to obtain installation privileges since the first submission of the application on April 21st. In the months between the application’s submission, permit issuance, and the Planning Commission conducted frequent inspections. Including a fire inspection. @MarcoRPTesla was the first to tweet about the permit approval.

Later this year, PepsiCo will be the first company to receive Tesla Semis. On CNBC earlier this month, CEO Ramon Laguarta stated the company would get the first Tesla Semi units in Q4. Implying that Tesla had around five weeks to deliver the trucks to PepsiCo.

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