Nov 9, 2021

Nobody Knows What TIME Really Is. But it might be this… — YouTube

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A good definition of information in physics: “information contained in a physical system = the number of yes/no questions you need to get answered to fully specify the system.”

Lee Smolin’s paper:
Prior video on entropy:
Wave function collapse and time:

0:00 — Why is time one way but physical laws are not?
2:19 — What is Entropy? Disorder and information.
5:29 — Does entropy cause time?
7:12 — What is time? Recorded past vs future possibilities.
8:07 — Lee Smolin’s theory of time.
10:31 — Will time always flow forward? heat death & big freeze.
12:33 — Best online course on time.

In quantum mechanics, it’s just as natural to go forward in time as going backwards. And if you look at a typical Feynman diagram, you can turn the diagram either way. Where does this transition from time symmetry at the quantum level, to time asymmetry at the macro level occur?

To understand its irreversibility, we have to look for other irreversible processes in nature to see if there is any correlation — such as in thermodynamics, Entropy.

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