Nov 21, 2021

How we could Time Travel through a (special) black hole — Back to the PAST!

Posted by in categories: cosmology, information science, singularity, space travel, time travel

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0:00 — You are a time traveler.
2:32 — Spacetime & light cone review.
6:15 — Flat Spacetime equations.
7:03 — Schwarzschild radius, metric.
8:42 — Light cone near a black hole.
10:15 — How to escape black hole.
10:39 — Kerr-Newman metric.
11:34 — How to remove the event horizon.
11:50 — What is a naked singularity.
12:20 — How to travel back in time.
13:26 — Problems.

Time travel is nothing special. You’re time traveling right now into the future. Relativity theory shows higher gravity and higher speed can slow time down enough to allow you to potentially travel far into the future. But can you travel back in time to the past?

In this video I first do a quick review of light cones, world lines, events, light like curves, time-like curves, and space-like curves in this video so that you can understand the rest of the video.

A space like-world line means that the object has to travel faster than light. But moving anything to the speed of light requires an infinite amount of energy to accelerate. So this is not possible.

Going faster than the speed of light can create scenarios that allow you to travel back in time. But since this is not physically possible, we need to figure out a clever manipulation of space time. This means we have to solve Einstein’s equations of General relativity.

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