Nov 21, 2021

How Morocco Secretly Controls China, India, The United States, And the World

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This is a farm in China.
This is a Mcdonalds in New York.
This is an apartment complex in Mumbai.
And this is a skyscraper in London.

What do all these have in common? Well as it turns out. All of these places’ successes or failures…
Economic booms or collapses…
And even population growth or famines…
Might soon be decided by the nation of Morocco.

And probably not for the reasons that you might think. In fact, this future economic trajectory was likely decided by a tiny little creature a couple centuries ago.

This a bat. In the modern world, we view bats as things that both control insect population, as well as creatures that spread rare diseases.

But a few hundred years ago, bats were discovered to do something else. Something miraculous that would shape our world forever without most people realizing it.

In 1,802, the european explorer, alexander von Humboldt, was travelling through the Peruvian lands, when he discovered something strange.

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