Nov 17, 2021

Conquering Earth’s Evil Sister: What Would It Take to Make Venus Our Home?

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Venus could actually be a second home to humanity someday.

Welcome back to our ongoing “Interplanetary” series. Today, we take a look at Earth’s “Sister Planet,” Venus! Given the extreme conditions present on this planet, you might say that Venus is the “evil sister” of Earth. And yet, people could live there someday in any number of ways. All it would take is the right kind of resources, dedication, and knowledge.

For generations, humans have been fascinated by Venus, the brightest star in the night and morning sky. Because of the nature of its appearance, where it disappears for days at a time and then appears to emerge on the other side of the Sun, it was long thought to be two different stars — the “Morning Star” and the “Evening Star.”

It was not long before ancient astronomers began to recognize that these “stars” were actually one and the same. As they kept track of Venus’ movements over generations and even centuries, they came to realize that Venus (like the other planets) was no star. And like the constellations of old, the planet began to give rise to its own myths and legends.

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