Nov 20, 2021

Can Time Be Hacked? Here’s How One Hacker Demonstrated It Can

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Cher sang about manipulating it while Doctor Who dramatized it. This hacker went one better and did it. Here’s how time got hacked.

During a 1961 address to the National Association of Manufacturers in New York City, John F. Kennedy said that “we must use time as a tool, not as a couch.” Fast forward fifty years, and one hacker has demonstrated exactly how to do that: by hacking time.

What is time anyway? What is time? That’s not an easy question to answer definitively.

Just go and search for a definition, and you’ll see what I mean. However, from the broader technological perspective, time depends on how we measure it: it is what those measurements tell us. So, what if those measurements, even ones from the most accurate atomic clock sources around the planet, could be manipulated?

Welcome to the world of hacking time. Welcome to the world of Adam Laurie, the lead hardware hacker with the veteran hacking team that is IBM X-Force Red. It’s worth remembering at this point that hacking is not a crime, and this story serves well to illustrate the fact.

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