Nov 4, 2021

Australian Army Getting Bulletproof Swarming Attack Robots

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The wheeled Jaeger-C is a small machine with a low profile designed to attack from ambush. In some ways, it might be seen as a mobile robotic mine. This is especially true because the makers note it can be remote-controlled or “autonomously with image analysis and trained models linked to robotic actions,” according to a report in Overt Defense. This sounds very much like the sort of deep learning increasingly used for other automatic target recognition, a trend driven by the ready availability of new, low-cost hardware for small uncrewed systems.

The Jaeger-C will sit in ambush in Gaard mode – a long-term silent watch mode – until it detects potential targets. It will then switch into either Chariot mode or Goliath mode depending on whether the targets are personnel or vehicles.

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