Oct 29, 2021

This Airplane Will Fly Into The Stratosphere On SunPower Without Using A Drop Of Fossil Fuels

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Circa 2019 😃

“SolarStratos has an opportunity to push the limits of what we think is humanly possible and prove that renewable energy has the capacity to power our lives while preserving our planet. We are fortunate to energize SolarStratos with SunPower’s industry-leading solar technology and look forward to further showcasing the value of innovative and reliable solar solutions for the world to see.”

The company is also changing the way the whole world thinks about renewable energy…at least, that is their goal. SunPower doesn’t just want to power buildings and farms. They want to use their durable and efficient solar panels for all the types of applications available. They believe that anything that can and needs to be powered, should be powered by natural sources, like the sun.

SunPower has a pioneering legacy of powering unique solar projects. Their high-efficiency solar cells are the driving power for many amazing vehicles. In addition to now supporting the airplane SolarStratos, the company has previously supported the following projects:

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