Oct 23, 2021

The World’s Largest Steam Traction Engine Has Been Brought Back To Life

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It is almost equally fascinating to see old things pop up out of dust and new flashy things invented. Kory Anderson and his team in South Dakota did precisely the same thing. They breathed life back into a monster. As a result, the largest steam engine to have ever made, the 150HP Case, came to life nearly after a slumber of a century.

The JI Case Company based in Racine, Wisconsin, back in the day boasted the creation of this mammoth engine to their credit. It was used like a warhorse or a work mule to pull gigantic freights and heavy loads over long distances.

This magnanimous engines were produced for a little over two years, after which their production was shelved because of the lack of metallurgical advancements back in the day. Only 9 of these engines were produced, and their parts were later sold off for scrap. The only remnant of these engines was a boiler.

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