Oct 16, 2021

Retired U.S. Army General: ‘We absolutely will’ give control over lethal strike to A.I.

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According to this guy, the argument will be that the AI is needed to make split second decisions, and will gradually increase from there.

Retired U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal joins ‘Influencers with Andy Serwer’ to share his biggest fears regarding artificial intelligence.

ANDY SERWER: I want to ask you about AI, artificial intelligence, because you wrote, “ceding the ability to manage relationships to an algorithm, we rolled a dangerous die.” What are the specific uses of AI that concern you and then we can talk about AI weapons and that’s really scary stuff. But let’s talk about it generally and then specifically with regard to the military.

STANLEY MCCHRYSTAL: Let’s start by something we all get. We call company X and we get this recording that says if you’re calling about so-and-so hit one. If you’re calling about so-and-so hit two. And you go for a while and by the time you get to 8 and they didn’t cover your problem, you’re furious. And you just want to talk to someone. You want somebody to take your problem for you.

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