Oct 10, 2021

Faster-Than-Light Travel Is Possible Within Einstein’s Physics, Astrophysicist Shows

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For decades, we’ve dreamed of visiting other star systems. There’s just one problem – they’re so far away, with conventional spaceflight it would take tens of thousands of years to reach even the closest one.

Physicists are not the kind of people who give up easily, though. Give them an impossible dream, and they’ll give you an incredible, hypothetical way of making it a reality. Maybe.

In a new study by physicist Erik Lentz from Göttingen University in Germany, we may have a viable solution to the dilemma, and it’s one that could turn out to be more feasible than other would-be warp drives.


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  1. Mike Ritter says:

    Awesome inspirational talk.
    Seems like your estimates for theoretical progress are pretty slow, though. What do you need to speed it up?

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