Oct 16, 2021

Can Artificial Intelligence Help To Close The Financial Equality Gap For Women?

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Using AI to analyze your income and expenses regularly is a great way to help you better understand where your money goes each month. Most modern financial institutions have apps that will automatically categorize your spending into expense types, making it easy for you to see how much of your paycheck ends up going toward rent/mortgage, food, transportation, entertainment, etc.

Technology is empowering women to build wealth through AI-assisted financial management. Women are now able to invest and manage their finances by using technology that automatically invests and manages money for them. This software provides a unique algorithm for each woman with personalized goals, risk tolerance, income, and age.

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Women in America are disproportionately under-served when it comes to financial products and services. They own less than 1% of the country’s wealth, and they hold even less of their own assets.

A new study from the UConn Women’s Center for Research found that women entrepreneurs need more access to credit, training, and capital – including investments – if they want to grow their businesses. That’s where AI can help.

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