Oct 6, 2021

Box taps deep learning to detect sophisticated malware

Posted by in categories: cybercrime/malcode, robotics/AI

Cloud-based content management provider Box has announced a new “deep scan” functionality that checks files as they are uploaded to identify sophisticated malware and avert attacks.

The new capabilities constitute part of Box Shield, which uses machine learning to prevent data leaks, detect threats, and spot any kind of abnormal behavior. In April of last year, Box added a slew of automated malware detection features to the mix, allowing Box Shield customers to spot malicious content that may already have been uploaded to a Box account. However, so far this has leaned heavily on “known” threats from external intelligence databases. Moving forward, Box said it will mesh deep learning technology with external threat intelligence capabilities to analyze files for malicious scripts, macros, and executables to protect companies from zero-day (unknown) vulnerabilities.

When a user uploads an infected file, Box will quarantine it for inspection but will still allow the user to view a preview of the file and continue working.

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