Sep 7, 2021

This popular diet can also save your sex life

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Many benefits have already been linked to the Mediterranean diet, and additional studies continue to examine its health effects that reveal other reasons to follow it.

This diet, based on a menu that contains whole grains, healthy fats, a large variety of fruits and vegetables and is relatively low in dairy products and red meat, is considered one of the healthiest diet lifestyles to keep.

Past research already established this diet’s contribution to prolonging life expectancy, as it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and also certain types of cancer, diabetes, dementia and more. Now, a new study finds that the Mediterranean diet is also beneficial for sexual function, improves blood circulation in general and also specifically for the penis, and is associated with higher levels of testosterone.

A new study presents interesting findings on the link between the Mediterranean diet and improved sexual function, especially for men of a certain age.

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