Sep 30, 2021

SpaceX Starship is FINALLY Launching INTO ORBIT!

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After weeks and days of hardworking, SpaceX is gearing up to launch the Starship into orbit, the biggest test yet for the ship designed to send humans to Mars and beyond. The whole world, including us and you, are waiting for the promised day that will be covered in this video. Huge thanks to all these amazing SpaceX Artists. Please follow them and support them through Payoneer and Twitter.
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StarshipBocaChica: The firm is preparing for the Starship’s first orbital flight, which will see the under-development rocket take off from the Starbase facility in Texas and land off the coast of Hawaii. On August 15 CEO Elon Musk declared via Twitter that the ship would be ready for the flight “in a few weeks, pending only regulatory approval.”
Musk first unveiled the predecessor to the ship in 2017 under the name “BFR,” SpaceX designed the fully reusable vessel to send over 100 tons or 100 people into space at a time. It can replace the firm’s existing rockets like the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy, while also taking on more ambitious goals like sending humans to Mars and beyond.
The ship uses liquid oxygen and methane as its fuel — meaning that, in theory, astronauts will be able to go to Mars, use the planet’s natural resources to generate more fuel, and use that to return home — or possibly venture out further. The flight will be around 90 minutes. The special thing about this start would be the fact that both stages would be in use – the Super Heavy Booster (BN4) and the Starship (SN20).
The booster would ignite its Raptor engines for two minutes and 49 seconds, come down in the Gulf of Mexico and attempt a landing. Musk confirmed on Twitter that the team has decided the booster will use 33 engines to offer 500,000 pounds of sea-level thrust. These engines will all be the same, except for the outer 20 which will lack some of the more complex controls.
SpaceX is not waiting around to start these missions. The firm is aiming to send the first humans to Mars by the mid-2020s, before establishing a self-sustaining city on Mars as early as 2050.
It could all start with the Starship — and at around 400 feet when paired with the Super Heavy booster that lifts it away from the Earth, this thing is huge. It greatly eclipses the Falcon 9 which measured less than 230 feet tall. It’s also powerful, with a liftoff thrust of 16 million pounds.
SpaceX announced at the launch of the plans that it “intends to collect as much data as possible during the flight to quantify the dynamics of entry and better understand what the spaceship is experiencing during such a flight that is extremely difficult to predict or accurately is to be replicated arithmetically.“
In comparison to the Saturn V, which is a rocket built by NASA; the Starship is taller than the Saturn V. It stands 394 feet (120 meters) tall, weighs 11,000,000 pounds (4,989,516.07 kilograms), and is made of stainless steel alloy.
According to SpaceX, Starship will be the most powerful launch vehicle ever developed and looks like this (SN15 Prototype).
In May 2,021 a document from the Federal Communications Commission revealed the plan for the first flight.
The ship will take off from the firm’s Starbase, Texas, launch facility. Around two minutes after liftoff, at 171 seconds, the Super Heavy booster will separate from the Starship. The ship will continue to complete a targeted landing around 60 miles northwest of the coast of Hawaii. The whole flight will last around 90 minutes.
SpaceX will not land the booster or the ship on land. The booster will land in the Gulf of Mexico, around 20 miles offshore, at 495 seconds or eight minutes after launch. The ship will complete a targeted powered landing in the sea.
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