Sep 10, 2021

Elon Musk Mocks Jeff Bezos’ Attempt to Develop Immortality Tech

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#ElonMusk is on a better path than Bezos is partly because he’s working on his brain chip and once that brain chip has been made dubbed complete he can make it so it works with tech and we can merge Tech with people which means that we can make a life out of tech and have our body be completely made robotic and as long as we have materials like synthetic blood that feeds and sustains the brain with the proper nutrients to stay alive. Theoretically u could live much longer. He seems to have the robot body and robot made and chip almost complete now he needs the synthetic sustainable blood for a human brain 🧠 implant into the robot tech body using Brian chip to control it. Immortality In theory the brain doesn’t have to be in the robotic body it can still be connected to the body through a central location via #StarLink #Robot links “Life is a video game in that aspect” But even without the brain merge you will be able to pair our minds with these AI robots and use them on 🌎 earth or beyond like a ship to #Mars or any other place that can get the signal from the brain to the robotic body.

Elon is at it again.

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