Sep 17, 2021

Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot is securing its position in a niche market

Posted by in category: robotics/AI

Improved autonomy

One of the main features of Spot is Autowalk, a system that enables the robot to record and repeat paths. An operator takes the robot through the path using the remote controller interface. The robot memorizes the path and can repeat when commanded to do so. Autowalk can be used for inspection missions in industrial facilities, mines, factories, and construction sites.

The new update improves Autowalk, reducing the need for human guidance and intervention. Robot operators can now edit Autowalk missions and add actions such as capturing images, reading indicators, or run third-party code. Spot also has been given better planning capabilities and can find the best path to perform target actions. Its pathfinding capacity has also been improved to adapt to changes in its inspection paths such as new obstacles. And it can be scheduled to carry out scheduled inspections without human supervision during off-hours.

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