Aug 19, 2021

Robots vs. Humans | Do humans have a chance to defeat robots?

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Could prove useful when robots try to terminate us. 😃

The robot slicing that pea pod in half, lengthwise with a samurai sword was very impressive. Where is Kenshin Himura when you need him.

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You’re on the PRO Robotics channel, and in today’s episode we’re going to find out if humans have a chance of defeating robots. In today’s world, robots are increasingly replacing humans in various fields. More and more often we hear that robots are leaving humans unemployed, increasingly taking over the world and humans simply don’t stand a chance anymore. Is this true? Depends on the type of competition, watch the top battles between robots and humans and find out what we can do better than smart machines.
Watch the video until the end and write in the comments, what was your final score, who do you think is cooler, robot or human?

0:00 In this video.
0:17 Baking pancakes.
0:51 Making sculptures.
1:25 Table tennis.
1:49 Playing with glasses.
2:20 Music.
2:43 Scientific Studies.
3:09 Swordsmanship.
3:43 Making Coffee.
4:17 Bartending.
4:58 Rubik’s Cube Assembling.
5:35 Bowling.
5:55 Dance Battle.
6:06 Conclusion.

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