Aug 11, 2021

China overtakes US in AI research

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Doubtful. But, i hope so, it will convince them to spend more money here to move AI research faster.

TOKYO — China is overtaking the U.S. in artificial intelligence research, setting off alarm bells on the other side of the Pacific as the world’s two largest economies jockey for AI supremacy.

In 2,020 China topped the U.S. for the first time in terms of the number of times an academic article on AI is cited by others, a measure of the quality of a study. Until recently, the U.S. had been far ahead of other countries in AI research.

One reason China is coming on strong in AI is the ample data it generates. By 2,030 an estimated 8 billion devices in China will be connected via the Internet of Things — a vast network of physical objects linked via the internet. These devices, mounted on cars, infrastructure, robots and other instruments, generate a huge amount of data.

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