Aug 24, 2021

Cerebras Systems Announces World’s First Brain-Scale Artificial Intelligence Solution

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Technology Breakthroughs Enable Training of 120 Trillion Parameters on Single CS-2, Clusters of up to 163 Million Cores with Near Linear Scaling, Push Button Cluster Configuration, Unprecedented Sparsity Acceleration.

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About Cerebras Systems.

Cerebras Systems is a team of pioneering computer architects, computer scientists, deep learning researchers, and engineers of all types. We have come together to build a new class of computer to accelerate artificial intelligence work by three orders of magnitude beyond the current state of the art. The CS-2 is the fastest AI computer in existence. It contains a collection of industry firsts, including the Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine (WSE-2). The WSE-2 is the largest chip ever built. It contains 2.6 trillion transistors and covers more than 46,225 square millimeters of silicon. The largest graphics processor on the market has 54 billion transistors and covers 815 square millimeters. In artificial intelligence work, large chips process information more quickly producing answers in less time. As a result, neural networks that in the past took months to train, can now train in minutes on the Cerebras CS-2 powered by the WSE-2.

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