Aug 28, 2021

Aquas, a flying ship that moves passengers and cargo at speed up to 200 km/h

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These kinds of seaplanes will be mainly used for passenger transport but could also improve search and rescue operations at sea, thanks to the advantage of offering versatile loading and unloading. This multi-purpose flying vessel concept was inspired by the new needs and demands of potential operators worldwide.

History, however, shows that – like everything – the ground-effect marine crafts also have their drawbacks. The ship hovering just above the water is not able to tilt too much during the flight (so as not to hit the water), so any change of flight direction must be planned early enough because its execution takes quite a long time.

RDC Aqualines boasts of being a multinational company specializing in the design, development, and future production of a new generation of marine transportation vessels, using mainly ground effect technology. The “flying ship,” as they call it, is offered in various sizes, from a 3-seater to an ekranoplan-like bike, a hydrofoil speedboat, and the ekranoplan-like ferry described above.

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