Aug 18, 2021

Apple Has Designed a ‘Folded’ Camera With Optical Image Stabilization

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Optical image stabilization combined with a lot more zoom.

Apple has been beaten to the periscope “folded” camera punch by pretty much every other smartphone manufacturer, but it continues to design and patent new takes on the now-commonplace tech. It was granted a patent for a new design that includes folded optics and “lens shifting” capabilities.

Folded optics, or more commonly known as periscope cameras, are a design that allows smartphones to gain considerably more optical zoom than a typical lens design by placing the lens array parallel to the long edge of a smartphone body and bending the transmission of light to the sensor by using one or more prisms. The design has been used by Samsung, Huawei, and others to make smartphone cameras that sport massive optical zooming capabilities compared to what Apple offers.

This latest patent was filed in January of2019but finally granted and published on August 17 of this year, as noted by Patently Apple.

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