Jul 13, 2021

Sric3 Meetings

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Join the SRIC3 final event big party!

Here’s where you can find the Zoom coordinates to join us celebrating the 2021 Space Renaissance Congress completed:

Though the voting process will remain open until Thursday July 15th, i am happy to announce that **we have elected the new President of Space Renaissance International, Prof. Bernard Foing, and the new Board of Directors!**

Hereafter the received votes so far, that assure we passed the quorum, and the election of our new leadership.

63, 77% of the having right to vote voted so far on the 3 final motions, namely:

Final Resolution: AYE 97, 73%, NAY 0%, ABS 2.27%

Thesis 1 Motion: AYE 93, 18%, NAY 0%, ABS 6.82%

Thesis 2 Motion: AYE 93, 18%, NAY 0%, ABS 6.82%

57, 97% of the having right to vote voted so far on the new President and Board of Directors, namely:

The new President: AYE 95, 00%, NAY 0%, ABS 5.00%

The new Board of Directors: AYE 92, 50%, NAY 0%, ABS 7.50%

Consider that the voting on the new President and Board is open only since 4 days, while the voting on the final motions is open since almost two weeks.

Now, for our Congress final event, we are opening the Zoom meeting to all of the friends who will like to be with us, celebrating this great achievement of our association.

In the same time we will celebrate the very exciting time we are living: the extraordinary success of Space X on the roadmap of the first fully reusable orbital vehicle testing, the historic first flight of Virgin Galactic VSS Unit carrying passengers to the edge of space, the imminent flight of Blue Origin New Shepard to suborbital quote, carrying passengers too. Without forgetting the 3 missions going on on Mars, and the many projects in progress, going forward to the Moon, as our Honorary Member Jan Woerner said us, during his speech at our Congress.

2021 is conformed to be a key year, for the Civilian Space Development, indeed!

During our final event we will have:

- the Ceremony of hand over of the SRI baton from Adriano V. Autino, the former President, to Prof. Bernard Foing, the President Elect.

- declarations by the President Elect and several new Directors and Vice Presidents.

- the announce of the SRI agenda for the first year.

And, we’ll do our best to reply any questions and comments by our fellow members, friends and supporters: what didn’t work enough? what could we do better? are our programs clear and well promoted? are our positions and proposals clear and shareable?

The meeting will also be broadcasted on the Space Renaissance YouTube channel. ## **Join the SRIC3 Final Event Party!**

Don’t forget to bring a good glass of wine, or beer, for a toast to the Long Life of Space Renaissance!


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