Jul 24, 2021

Sirtuins Anti Aging. Revisited. What they are. Why you should care. How you can benefit

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Good day to you all.

Sirtuins are once again, making headlines. From a longer lifespan, again, through to helping old and dormant hair follicles to grow new hair, and of course a discourse between certain personalities on twitter, they continue to stimulate the interest and promise so much…

So I have decided to follow up my last sirtuins video with this one, Sirtuins revisited.

Here I look at them all from 1 to 7, to see what is being claimed for each one, and then I look at all the ways we can try to bring them all up to optimum so that we can live long, healthy lives, free from the maladies of old age.

I look at lifestyle interventions from exercise, saunas, cold therapies and more, through to diet choices and then finally on to supplements that are available to boost them all further.

So I hope you find it of use and enjoyable, and have a great weekend.

Sirtuins Anti Aging. Revisited.

Following up on my last sirtuins video I have added more information and an extensive list of what each sirtuin does, and what you can do to optimise yourself, and who you should be bothering.

My videos for more detail.
Original Sirtuins

Links to all articles I used to make the video.

Restoration of energy homeostasis by SIRT6 extends healthy lifespan
SIR2 blocks extreme life span extension.
Resveratrol not direct activator of SIRT1
Dietary Activators of Sirt1
Sirt 1 Mitochondrial biogenesis.
Activation of thyroid T3 hormone.
Neurodegenerative diseases.
Insulin resistance/diabetes.
Age-associated weight-gain.
Liver function & body homeostasis.
Human embryonic stem cell differentiation.
Sirt 2 Lower mitochondrial activity & fatty acid metabolism.
Sirt 3 Oxidative stress.
Low levels of SIRT3 insulin resistance & fatty liver disease.…m=fulltext.
Sirt 4 — Tumor-suppressive benefit. Mitochondrial glutamine metabolism and DNA damage.
Reduce insulin secretion.
Sirt 5 Mitochondrial metabolism &ammonia detoxification/removal.…all%3Dtrue.
Sirt 6 Genome stability & DNA repair. Low levels metabolic problems & age-related health issues.
Sirt 7 rDNA transcription & DNA repair mechanisms.…all%3Dtrue.
SIRT7 Old/dormant hair follicles.
Sirt1 overexpression calorie restriction.
Sirt1 moderate overexpression inflammation, liver cancer, diabetes &hepatic steatosis.
Sirt6-overexpressing mice hypoxia & high-fat diet.
SIRT6 highly fatal form of pancreatic cancer.
Examples of NAD-boosting molecules include NMN, nicotinamide riboside.
Inhibitors of CD38 such as apigenin142, quercetin142 & GSK
Omega 3 Lower inflammation & oxidative stress
Niacin energy metabolism
Elevate NAD levels in muscle, blood and other tissues.
Olive oil & sirtuins sirt 1…um=twitter.
Polyphenols & sirt 6
Polyphenols & sirt 1
Lifespan enhancing properties of sirt 2 — 1999
Anti cancer properties.
DNA repair sirt 1 helping to repair the double helix
Sirt 1 role in cellular autophagy.
SIRT1 also supports mitochondrial autophagy, the detoxification of old cells & cellular renewal.
Sirt & exercise.
High-intensity exercise or cold-exposure activates SIRT1
Sirt & circadian rhythms.…58/1243417
Saunas increase NAD+ & SIRT1 levels.
Cold exposure activate sirtuins.

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