Jul 26, 2021

Longevity Panel II — The Scientists Working of Reversing Aging | Part 1

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4:47 BioAge, 8:10 Church talking about how controlling aging is no longer speculative, 10:44 urging caution as they are not really talking about turning 67 year olds into 20 year olds. Near the end Church mentions A.I. an exponential possibilities of hitting all the pathways at once.

Recently, Avi Roy, alongside Nathan Cheng & Laura Minquini, hosted the second Longevity Panel discussion, which assembled some of the brightest minds working on reversing aging, and enhancing health and life span.

As with the first event, this discussion was intended to illuminate how they are approaching longevity and to know if we are any closer in achieving it.

The talk was split into two sections: the first being open discussion guided by questions from the hosts. The talk was then opened up to the floor, allowing audience questions. Part 1 will provide the transcript from the first section of the Longevity Panel. Enjoy!

You can check out the full transcript, with addition links on the Gowing Life website:…ng-part-1/

The questions:
05:35 — How do you plan on reversing aging?

12:06 — How do we know that these therapies that are being developed in scientific labs or being brought to clinical trials, are actually having an effect on aging?

23:36 — This weekend Richard Branson went to space, while some of us saw a great feat of science and a 70 year old man accomplishing a lifelong dream, others saw a billionaire wasting money. Longevity also has this perception problem of being deemed another fancy of billionaires. Do you think it is important to change this and how do we do it?

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