Jul 23, 2021

Dr Spring Behrouz, PhD — Mitophagy, CNS Disorders, And Aging — CEO, Vincere Bio / NeuroInitiative

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Mitochondrial Quality Control (Mitophagy), CNS Disorders, and Aging — Dr. Spring Behrouz, Ph.D., CEO, Vincere Biosciences Inc. / CEO, Neuroinitiative LLC.

Dr. Bahareh (Spring) Behrouz, PhD, is the CEO of Vincere Biosciences Inc (, a biotech company focused on developing novel, small molecule therapeutics targeting mitochondrial pathways and the improvement of mitochondrial quality.

Dr. Behrouz is also the CEO of NeuroInitiative, LLC (, a computational biology company she co-founded in 2014, which develops simulations of disease using their patented software platform. A core focus of her research at NeuroInitiative is on the elucidation of complex, converging pathways that contribute to the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease (PD), a neuro-degenerative brain disorder which dramatically effects movement, which nearly one million people in the U.S. are living with, and 10 million patients worldwide.

Dr. Behrouz received her graduate training at Michigan State University in the laboratory of Dr. John Goudreau and studied differential susceptibility of dopaminergic neuron sub-types in models of PD. She completed her post-doctoral training in the laboratory of Dr. Matthew Farrer at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, where she primarily focused on in-vivo and primary culture models of LRRK2-mediated pathogenesis and was part of the team that discovered a new pathogenic mutation in VPS35.

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