Jun 26, 2021

SRIC3 Youtube LiveStream Sessions Space Renaissance

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The 2021 Space Renaissance Congress is going to kick-off today, June 26th, at 13:45 UTC!

5 days of intense discussion on the best strategy to bootstrap the Civilian Space Development before 2025.

* 2021 is seeing the development of the first fully reusable orbital vehicle.

* this milestone will make the space settlement possible, provided that the right decisions will be taken, during next years.

* supporting and facilitating the effort of the New Space industry.
* giving proper priority to some technology and science advance.
* to allow civilians to travel and live in space.

Our mission is to make Earthers aware of this urgency and priority.

Join us in this exciting venture!

Register for free to the Congress:

Participate to the Congress on our Virtual Attendify Convention Centre, choosing your favorite sessions, watching the Space Renaissance Art channel, meeting people in the Coffee and Lounge rooms, and more…

If you prefer a more traditional participation, it is possible to follow the Congress directly on the Youtube live streams, on the Space Renaissance Youtube channel… (and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for free!)

Here’s the Congress Program in short, with links to the Youtube Stream Sessions.

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