Jun 8, 2021

Segway (Yes, Segway) Is Making a Hybrid Motorcycle Worthy of All Your ‘Tron’ Fantasies

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The bike’s powertrain uses a fuel cell to turn gaseous hydrogen into electrical energy.

The engine setup holds its own, too. The Apex H2 will feature a hybrid powertrain that will convert gaseous hydrogen into electrical energy via a special fuel cell, reports New Atlas. Ninebot says the hydrogen-electric setup will be able to generate over 80 horsepower and rocket the bike from zero to 60 mph in less than four seconds. Considering that the original Segway—yes, the infamous two-wheel personal transporter favored by mall cops—topped out at 10 mph, that’s pretty impressive, even if it is slower than the Apex concept’s quoted top speed of 124 mph. Of course, there’s one key difference between the two bikes: The Apex H2 will be one of the rare concept vehicles you’ll be able to buy.

Ninebot says the bike will go into production in 2023, with deliveries expected to begin that same year. When the H2 does finally go on sale, the bike will join a varied Segway lineup that includes a Wall-E-esque motorized chair on wheels and a high-performance, Lamborghini-approved go-kart that can go 25 mph. You do you, Segway.

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