Jun 25, 2021

Robot Doctors to Provide Health Care Services Soon

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Still the comic relief til about December 31, 2024. By 2035 curing everything, already in the early stages towards that.

Giovanni Traverso, an MIT assistant professor of mechanical engineering, a gastroenterologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and also the senior author of the study said, that they were actively working on robots that can help provide health care services to maximize the safety, of both the patients and the health care workforce.

Traverso and his colleagues after the Covid-19 began last year, worked towards reducing interaction between the patients and the health care workers. In this process, they collaborated with Boston Dynamics in creating mobile robots that can interact with patients who waited in the emergency department.

But the question here is, how patients are going to respond to the robots? This question was raised by the researchers of MIT along with Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The researchers conducted a nationwide large-scale online survey of about 1000 people working with a market research company called YouGov. The questions were about the acceptability of robots in healthcare for performing tasks like nasal swabs, inserting a catheter, and turning a patient over in bed.

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