Jun 28, 2021

Mind reading helmet | Boston Dynamics | High Tech News

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Video from PRO ROBOTS. 😃

-robot avatars.

-robots being tested for use in other planets.

-helmets that monitor the brain… See More.

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You are on PRO Robotics and in this video we present you with some high-tech news. Thought-reading helmet, Boston Dynamics news, robots for exploring other planets, micro robots, robot avatars, and other high-tech news in one episode.
Watch the video to the end and write in the comments. which news interested you most?

0:00 In this video.
0:20 Avatar robots for warehouse logistics.
1:25 Boston Dynamics news.
1:53 SpaceBok robot learned to turn around by moving its legs in flight.
2:30 Cassie Blue’s robot learned to walk at night.
2:47 A mind-reading helmet.
4:10 Octocopter Racing.
5:03 Auve Tech’s hydrogen-powered unmanned shuttle.
5:30 Millimeter-sized robots.
6:12 Autonomous security robot.
6:45 IBM sent its autonomous “Mayflower” trimaran on a long voyage.
7:40 Boeing’s MQ-25 T1 drone.
7:59 DARPA demonstrated the operation of its C-UAS counter-unmanned aerial system.
8:22 The Chinese ship “Shenzhou-12″ successfully delivered three astronauts.
8:52 NASA showed a rocket to take astronauts to the moon Space Launch System.
9:38 Cameras with Artificial Intelligence.

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